Want to learn how to start, grow, and make money from a blog?

Once upon a time, we did too. Within just a few years, we turned Thriving Home into the best part-time gig any mom could have. Now we genuinely want to help other bloggers lay a foundation for their own success stories!

In Blogging Basics, we share our 8+ years of blogging wisdom, resources, writing tips and tricks, and even hard-learned lessons. These 15 valuable (yet affordable!), bite-sized chapters walk you through how to set up and grow your blog the RIGHT way. Get started now and work through them at your own pace. 

Instant digital download includes: Blogging Basics: 15 Simple Steps Towards Earning an Income from a Blog

"Blogging Basics makes blogging simple even for the beginner like me! Sure, I could spend hours on Pinterest trying to pin all the blogging how-to's, or I could easily go to one place and find the information I need from bloggers who have already traveled the path I am on. "


A Sneak Peek Into Some of the Content

Lots of visuals to help you follow along and understand the techincal side of blogging. 

Practical how-to's and steps you can start taking today on your website.

Tips and tricks we've learned in our combined 15+ years of blogging.

"Polly and Rachel of Thriving Home offer some of the most practical and helpful information I have received for my blog. Blogging Basics feels like a backstage pass to the inner workings of a successful blog. I am a better blogger because of them."  


A Word from Polly & Rachel

"We SO wish we would have had a resource like this when we were getting started!

When we began Thriving Home, we were totally overwhelmed with the "techie" side of blogging and made a lot of mistakes along the way.  

Our hope is that we can help bloggers bypass the struggles and confusion we faced and use these tools to set them up to thrive right from the start."

About Thiving Home

Polly and Rachel launched Thriving Home in 2012 in hopes of creating a place that would encourage and equip moms to thrive in their homes. Their blogging success has resulted in partnerships with major brand names and even landed them a cookbook deal with a large publisher. 

With over half a million page views a month, an engaged social media following, and a growing presence online, Thriving Home has proven to be a blogging success story that is inspiring to many. 

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Instant digital download includes: Blogging Basics: 15 Simple Steps Towards Earning an Income from a Blog